NATO's future at a time of war

A discussion with the Head of NATO's Policy Planning Unit, Dr Benedetta Berti, about the new security situation in Europe and NATOs new Strategic Concept.

Host for this episode is Senior Research Fellow and Head of Research Group on Security and Defense at NUPI, Karsten Friis.


Europe, Norway, and the Ukraine crisis

How does the war in Ukraine affect security, trade, economy, and migration in Europe and in Norway?

With Mark Leonard (Director, ECFR) and Ulf Sverdrup (Director, NUPI).

The conversation is moderated by Tore Myhre (International Director, The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise - NHO).

This is a recording of a NUPI seminar held on 16 March 2022.


The Ukraine war and the NATO responses in the Baltic and the High North regions

On March 24, all Heads of State and Government in NATO met in Brussels for an Extraordinary NATO Summit to discuss NATO's response to the ongoing war in Ukraine. A few days before this, we had the chance to talk with NATO General Jörg Vollmer, Commander of Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum, and Lieutenant General Yngve Odlo, Commander of the Norwegian Joint headquarters in the Norwegian Defence about the challenges that Russia represents in the Baltic and High North Regions, and how NATO and Norway can best respond.

Host for this episode is Senior Research Fellow and Head of Research Group on Security and Defense at NUPI, Karsten Friis.


Can Europe get out of Russian gas?

After the invasion of Ukraine, Europeans are now rethinking its relationship with Russia, and its dependence on Russian gas. There is a strong desire by EU and European countries to reduce its dependence on Russian energy. 

Can Europe reduce its dependence on Russian gas? Is there a realistic roadmap? What are the steps that are necessary? And what would it take, in terms of investments, finance and political willingness?

What can Norway do in order for Europe to ease this transition? Can Norway produce more gas?

If Europe succeeds, what will this mean for Russia? And what are the Russians thinking about the current European strategy?

In this episode, Jarand Rystad (CEO, Rystad Energy), discuss these questions together with Jakub Godzimirski (Research professor, NUPI) and Ulf Sverdrup (Director, NUPI).

The EU’s role in European security and defence

On the 21 of March 2022, the Council of the EU adopted a Strategic Compass, a roadmap for the EU to become a stronger security and defence actor. But what does this really mean, and does it change the EUs role as a security actor in any significant way?

These are some of the questions that were discussed in this episode of The World Stage. Guest is Steven Blockmans, Research Director at CEPS and Professor at Amsterdam University. Host for this episode is Pernille Rieker, Research Professor and coordinator for the NUPI Centre for European studies.