How are traditional values related to the war in Ukraine? And what does the future look like for the Putin regime? 


In the last decade, Russian authorities have adopted a strongly antiliberal rhetoric with attacks on Western secularism, multiculturalism, and alleged moral decay. This rhetoric has been followed up with new laws against blasphemy and “propaganda of non-traditional sexual orientations among minors”, decriminalisation of wife battery, etc.


In this episode of The World Stage, Tora Berge Naterstad discusses findings from the project “Value-based regime legitimation in Russia” (LegitRuss) with Professor Henry Hale.


LegitRuss examines whether Putin’s new policy of “traditional values” resonates in the public, and in the podcast, you will hear more about, among other things, the findings of a recent survey.


Henry Hale is among the world’s leading authorities on the political regime in Russia and based on the project, he discusses Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the consequences this may have for the Putin administration’s mode of governance, legitimacy and future in the Kremlin. Hale himself has a clear theory about what could eventually trigger the end of the regime.


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