During the last year, we have gotten used to following the numbers of deaths and number of people being hospitalized all over the world. Fortunately, we have lately also been able to follow the increasing number of people that has been vaccinated. But in the midst of all these numbers and news stories we are exposed to related to the pandemic, a lot of information fails at reaching the daily news feed.

Covid-19's many consequences are not as easily detected as others. This does not mean however, that they are not as serious as the ones we read about every day. NUPI researchers investigates how the pandemic affects the global community every day. Below, you will find an overview of some of the research that has been done during the year that has passed since covid-19 hit. 

Reversing gender equality-work

Cederic de Coning shows that the pandemic may lead to a dramatic reduction of peace operations, while Kari Osland, Maria Røysamb and Jenny Nortvedt writes about how we are now risking a reversal of the global work on womens rights.

Morten Bøås and Natasja Rupesighe shows how insurgents takes advantage of the situation created by the pandemic, to achieve more control in local populations.

States may, as a result of the needs created by the pandemic, gain increased influence in certain parts of the world. Morten Bøås and Viljar Håvik writes about how China and Russia now are increasing their influence in Africa, and in other poor areas where states are placed at the back of the international line for vaccines.

Crisis communication

In Stein Sundstøl Eriksen's article we see how lock down in one country threatens the supply of medications to another country.  

And now, as the world are waiting for the vaccines, Frida Bjørnseth and a number of other researchers at NUPI shows that it is not just the production and the economy that deserves focus. If we are to stop this pandemic by ensuring widespread vaccination, measures such as crisis communication is also crucial, in order to counter rumors about the measures taken to halt the pandemic.