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Great Powers and Arctic Politics (GPARC)

2017 - 2020 (Completed)
Research project
GPARC aims to provide up-to-date academic and policy analyses of how major powers (USA, Russia, China) set parameters for and intervene in the maritime politics of the Arctic.

The GPARC team analyzes the 1) role of domestic networks in shaping policy preferences and 2) the impact of multilateral assessments and decisions on these national preferences and networks. In other words, we analyze two policy traffic directions - from domestic networks in Washington, Moscow and Beijing and outwards to international forums on Arctic maritime politics and from the Arctic Council (or other producers of international policy positions) into these domestic networks.

The project is managed by Helge Blakkisrud and Elana Wilson Rowe.

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Arctic governance: cooperation and power tactics.  (The policy roundtable at Arctic Frontiers 2019 was attended by 40 participants)

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Bildet viser utenriksminister ine Eriksen Søreide

The Russia Conference: Cold Peace in the Arctic?

September 14, 2018

On September 14, NUPI’s Russia Conference took place in Oslo. Couldn’t be there? Watch the entire event, including Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide's key note speech, on YouTube.

Bildet viser en isbjørn som svømmer i havet

Doubling Down on Arctic Diplomacy

November 12, 2020

What impact will the new Biden administration have on Arctic politics? While the Arctic as a region is not likely to figure as feature in the 100-day plan of a new Biden presidency,  there are reasons to expect some key changes for the region.


Publication : Report

The Geopolitics of Fish in the Arctic

Climate change and declining sea-ice in the Central Arctic Ocean (CAO) has brought concerns that fish stocks may expand into the high Arctic. While the ...
Publication : Academic article

Analyzing Frenemies: An Arctic repertoire of cooperation and rivalry

Intensive transnational cooperation and manifestations of the NATO-Russia security rivalry have endured for over 30 years in the post-Cold War Arctic. ...
Publication : Interview

Rethinking Arctic Governance

New perspectives on power in Arctic governance - interview and book talk about 'Arctic Governance: Power in cross-border cooperation' (Manchester ...
Publication : Academic article

Governing the Arctic: The Russian State Commission for Arctic Development and the Forging of a New Domestic Arctic Policy Agenda

After a period of relative neglect in the 1990s and early 2000s, the Arctic is back on the agenda of the Russian authorities. To ensure efficient coordination ...

Same word, same idea? Sustainable development talk and the Russian Arctic

Sustainable development has become an ‘obligatory’ concept that can encompass many kinds of policies and practices, including in the Russian Arctic. Russia ...
Publication : KRONIKK

Codeword China

(From op-ed): When it comes to Arctic regional political governance and economic outlooks, the policy and academic communities have become good at asking ...
Publication : KRONIKK

Trump, Putin and rejected greatness

Why do Putin and Trump undermine the international consensus knowledge that their national academic and governmental milieus have been so central to building?
Publication : NUPI Policy Brief

The Arctic Council and US domestic policymaking

One widely recognized achievement of the Arctic Council and its various working groups has been the production of collectively generated assessments on ...

Project Manager

The Arctic  Governance  Diplomacy  International organizations  North America  Russia and Eurasia  Asia  Oceans  Climate  Foreign policy

Helge Blakkisrud

Senior Research Fellow (part time)



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Wed 9 Sept 2020
Time: 12:00 Europe/Oslo
Location: Webinar

NUPI’s Russia Conference 2020: Great Powers and Arctic Politics

Please join us at NUPI’s Russia Conference on 10 September – this year in an online format!

Thu 13 Sept 2018
Time: 08:30 Europe/Oslo
Location: The House of Literature, Oslo

The Russia Conference 2018: Cold peace in the Arctic?

How does the conflict between Russia and the West affect the situation in the Arctic? Join us at NUPI’s annual Russia Conference on 14 September to find out.