Krig i en verden av fremmed intelligens

Book title: Digitalisering og internasjonal politikk

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This chapter investigates a number of issues related to the ongoing debates around artificial intelligence and its impact on the future of geopolitics and warfare. Through insights from science and technology studies (STS), the chapter seeks to question common assumptions in political science about the relationship between technology, war and politics. It will be argued that political science's treatment of these as independent elements and the subsequent simplified notions of technological and socio-political change must be altered in favor of a more inclusive way of thinking about socio-technical practices. This will improve our understanding of the war-technology relationship while providing a more fertile ground for discussing changes in the wake of the development of artificial intelligence.

  • Published year: 2022
  • Publisher: Scandinavian University Press
  • Page count: 20
  • Language: Norwegian
  • Pages: 192 - 212
  • Title of book/report: Digitalisering og internasjonal politikk
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