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Nordic countries and knowledge collaboration with authoritarian non-allied states: conditional openness with stronger demands for protection


The conditions surrounding international knowledge production and collaboration are changing. What has long remained a field characterized by overtly liberal and open practices is now subject to more scrutiny with regards to protecting national security and academic freedom. Developments concerning China especially, but also Russia, and other authoritarian states with knowledge-related ambitions have alerted authorities in many liberal, democratic states. This is the case in the Nordic region, too. In this focus edition, we study why and how stricter conditions for international knowledge collaboration are emerging in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. We are especially interested in problematizing and explaining what happens when stronger security concerns and calls for protection meet liberal norms, including academic freedom.
  • Published year: 2024
  • DOI:
  • Publisher: Cappelen Damm Akademisk
  • Page count: 13
  • Language: Norwegian
  • Journal: Internasjonal Politikk
  • URL 1:
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  • Security policy
  • Globalisation
  • Foreign policy
  • Europe
  • Russia and Eurasia
  • Asia
  • The Nordic countries
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