Global trade policy at the crossroads (UD trade policy seminars)

2018 - 2019 (Completed)

In this project, NUPI will contribute to address the need for knowledge on the feed on the new global trade situation.

Since the turn of the century, global trade policy largely had a reform pause since the “development round” of the WTO failed. There has therefore been more than 20 years with few reforms, at the same time as globalization and development have changed the world and placed development issues into a new light. The trade system therefore has long-term challenges of adapting to a new world situation.

This has been accentuated by the election of President Trump, with protectionism and escalating trade conflict with China on the agenda. This new situation raises a number of important issues with a large and partly uncovered need for knowledge. In the project, NUPI will contribute to address this need through analysis and seminars in 2018-2019. During the period, NUPI will arrange at least three seminars with focus on important current issues. In addition, knowledge will be disseminated through popular science publications, particularly Policy Briefs.

I prosjektet vil NUPI bidra til å dekke dette kunnskapsbehov gjennom analyse og seminarer i 2018-2019. NUPI vil i perioden arrangere minst tre seminarer med fokus på viktige aktuelle temaer. I tillegg vil kunnskap bli formidlet gjennom populærvitenskapelige publikasjoner, spesielt Policy Briefs.