Paul Beaumont

Senior Research Fellow

Paul Beaumont holds a Ph.D. in International Relations/International Environmental Studies and Development from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. He is a senior researcher on the Lorax project, which investigates transnational ecosystem system politics. At NUPI, Paul is working in the Research group on Russia, Asia and international trade

Paul’s general research interests include the (dis)functioning of international institutions, hierarchies in world politics, and interpretivist research-methods. Paul has monograph in press with Palgrave Studies in International Relations, titled "Performing Nuclear Weapons: How Britain Made its Bomb Make Sense".

He has published peer-reviewed articles in Third World Quarterly, Global Affairs, and New Perspectives, as well as policy-orientated research on behalf of the International Law and Policy Institute, and several op-eds in Klassekampen and Aftenposten. He is currently finalizing a book-project based upon his PhD: "The Grammar of Status Competition: International Hierarchies as Domestic Practice." Paul is an associate editor of New Perspectives Journal of International Relations.