Natalia Moen-Larsen

Senior Research Fellow

Natalia Moen-Larsen is a senior research fellow in the research group on Russia, Asia and International Trade. Her research interests are culture and national identity, inter-ethnic tensions, migration, and nationalism. In addition, Moen-Larsen is interested in political communication, the use of traditional and digital media, and the spread of disinformation and misinformation in Russia.

Moen-Larsen holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Oslo. The PhD examines what three Russian national newspapers wrote about refugees from Ukraine who came to Russia in the spring of 2014 and refugees from the Middle East and North Africa who went to Europe during the "refugee crisis" in 2015. The thesis also discusses the connection between representations of refugees in Russian newspapers and notions of Russia's place in the world and about the West as Russia's adversary.

Moen-Larsen is the editor in chief of Nordisk Østforum, the Nordic journal for East European and Post-Soviet studies.


2022 PhD of Sociology at the University of Oslo

2009 MA of Sociology at the University of Oslo

Work Experience

2022- Senior Research Fellow, NUPI

2015-2022 PhD Candidate, UiO

2013-2022 Research Fellow, NUPI

2011 Junior Research Fellow, NUPI

2010 Intern, NUPI

2010 Seminar leader, Institute of Sociology, UiO

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  • COVspiracy? COVID-19 conspiracy theories in Putin’s Russia
    Tue 6 Dec 2022
    Time: 09:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI/Live stream to Facebook and YouTube

    For years the Kremlin has been promoting conspiracy theories to legitimize its actions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the regime itself became the target of such theories.

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