Like Ukraine and Moldova, Georgia has long been considered a primary target of Russia’s assertive regional policy—and for years, the Georgian government has worked to reduce strains with Moscow. Moreover, with tensions growing between Tbilisi and its Western partners, the Russian attack on Ukrainian soil has added to the insecurity in Georgia’s foreign, security, and domestic policies.

At this pivotal moment, when Georgia’s neighborhood has become increasingly unstable, Tbilisi seems to be losing its strategic compass and the very foundations of its foreign policy. At this GEOPATH seminar, Kornely Kakachia and Ketevan Bolkvadze will examine Georgia’s weakening resilience to Russian threats, the risks of decoupling from the Associated Trio, and other geopolitical challenges.

At the seminar we will also explore the domestic political dynamics that currently exacerbate tensions between Tbilisi and its Western partners. Polarization between parties and democratic backsliding have continued to disrupt Georgia’s path towards Europeanization. We will examine possible solutions to these challenges as well as the prospects for the parties to implement EU’s reform recommendations.

This event will also be live streamed to NUPI’s YouTube channel. Digital participation does not require registration.