Benjamin de Carvalho and Kristin Haugevik will take over as Editors in Chief of the prestigious journal, with a team of Editors consisting of Paul BeaumontØyvind Svendsen and Minda Holm. The team is based at NUPI in the Research Group on Global Order and Diplomacy. The team will be supported by Tora Naterstad as Editorial Assistant. 

Cooperation and Conflict is a high-quality journal with a strong impact in scholarly debates, and we aim to develop it further,” says Kristin Haugevik.  

Founded in 1965, Cooperation and Conflict has grown from a journal serving the Nordic IR community to a journal that publishes groundbreaking research issues of global interest and concern yet remaining true to its Nordic base. For the last twelve years, it has been based at Lund University, with Annika Björkdahl as Editor in Chief, and Martin Hall and Ted Svensson as Editors.  

Building on the legacy of past editors, the new team will uphold the quality of the journal as a platform for a pluralist research agenda combining critical approaches with more mainstream implications. As the founding editorial of the journal stated, the purpose of the journal was to be “ecumenical rather than sectarian in its attitude to different schools of objectives, methodology and theory, existing in the field of international politics.”

“Our aim is to consolidate Cooperation and Conflict as a platform for IR scholarship that is theoretically innovative, methodologically pluralist, empirically and historically rigorous, critical in outlook yet grounded in and with implications for key mainstream debates,” says Benjamin de Carvalho. 

The new team praises their predecessors in Lund for their efforts in strengthening the journal’s impact and standing in the discipline, broadening its scope to include IR research also beyond the traditional Nordic themes. Nordic scholars continue to play a key role in the journal, as authors, reviewers and as members of the Editorial Board. 

“The previous team has done a remarkable job professionalizing the journal, including their targeted special issues and best reviewer prize,” says Haugevik.

The new editorial team takes over from 1 June.  

The journal is owned by the Nordic International Studies Association (NISA) and published by SAGE.