After Vladimir Putin’s announcement of the partial mobilization of the war in Ukraine in September, people, and in particular women, took to the streets in several of the republics in the North Caucasus. They protested this mobilization, saying that this war was one they couldn’t agree sending their sons into. That this war was just politics.

Even if these demonstrations on an international scale were quite small, and that they ended almost as quickly as they emerged, the protests can be seen as a sign of an increasing discontent with the center of power in Moscow.

In this episode of the NUPI Podcast The World Stage, Badri Belkania explains why the protests in Chechnya and Dagestan are important, what they are a sign of and what they could turn into.

Belkania is a Research Fellow at the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS). He specializes in the North Caucasus and Conflict Studies. The host of this episode is Marie Furhovden.

This podcast was produced in cooperation with the Norwegian Russia Network.