Norway and Great Power Politics – Geopolitics, Technology and Climate (NISP)

2022 - 2024 (Ongoing)
Our times are shaped by developments in geopolitical power dynamics, fast-paced technological development and climate change. In this research program NUPI analyses how these developments change the security landscape of the North-Atlantic area and the implications this has for Norwegian security.

This research programme is structured around three meta-trends: Geopolitical developments, technological development and climate change. Changes within these trends and their effects on the overall strategic importance of the North-Atlantic area and conditions for Norwegian security are examined.

The program consists of five pillars: 1) American technology and doctrine: Implications for strategic stability; 2) Russian «Grand Strategy» in the High North; 3) the Nordic countries’ position in a new security landscape; 4) Norway and the strategic balance between the Great Powers; and 5) implications for Norwegian security-policy and the analytical tools we utilize. The project delivers pertinent in-depth analysis within the five pillars as well as analysis of their collective overall effects.

To a stronger degree then in the past the North-Atlantic area is becoming a full-fledged theater of operations. The area is connected to an Atlantic maritime theater in the West and a continental theater in the South. These developments are an important part of the foundation of the project and influences the production of analysis. In spite of geopolitics’ anchoring in lasting geography, it changes over time due to the emergence of new Great Powers, new essential resources, increased navigability caused by climate change, new technology and new means of communication. The shifts in the geopolitical power dynamics between the West and Russia which manifests themselves profoundly in the North-Atlantic area is pivotal to the project. The recent shift in dynamics between the United States and China is also key, as it will gain greater influence in the region over time. This backdrop underscores the topicality of the project and its’ relevance to Norwegian security policy.


The quest for a foreign policy ‘home turf’ after Brexit

October 3, 2023

Brexit marked a turning point in British foreign policy. Who would the United Kingdom now be on the world stage?

The Ukraine war and the NATO responses in the Baltic and the High North regions

March 24, 2022

The World Stage had a chance to talk to NATO General Jörg Vollmer and Lieutenant General Yngve Odlo about the challenges that Russia represents in the Baltic and High North Regions, and how NATO and Norway can best respond.

NUPI hosted an Experts’ roundtable on NATO’s new strategic concept

March 23, 2022

On 7 March, experts gathered for a roundtable meeting in Oslo to discuss key security priorities and challenges, as viewed from the Northern European region of NATO.

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