Norway as an in-between for Russia: Ambivalent space, hybrid measures

2020 - 2023 (Ongoing)
Research project
This three-year project addresses the acutely relevant question of whether Norway is acquiring the precarious status of an ‘in-between’ state in the Kremlin’s eye after the watershed events of 2014 (Annexation of Crimea).

It will investigate in depth Russia’s changing official view of recent NATO engagement in the High North and of Norway’s status within this endeavor and ascertain what means of force Russia sees fit in its approach to NATO. By coupling the study of Russia’s approach with a study of NATO's changing approach to Russia in the same period, we will uncover the interactive game that shapes the challenges for Norway as a small state ‘in-between’ a resurgent Russia and inside a reinvigorated NATO, paying particular attention to how notions of hybrid warfare play out in this game. Methodologically, the study scrutinizes official statements by combining quantitative textual tools with (qualitative) discourse analysis, maximizing efficacy and rigor.

The project will produce three policy briefs with complimentary ‘brownbag’ seminars, two co-financed academic peer-reviewed articles, as well as conference participation and communication to the general public. It is co-financed with the NFR sponsored WARU project (300923).   

Funding program

This project is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence


Russian Reframing.png

Russian reframing: Norway as an outpost for NATO offensives

Moscow increasingly views the ‘Collective West’ as an offensive actor and the High North as terrain for NATO ‘expansion’. Norway figures as an active ...

Project Manager

Julie Wilhelmsen

Research Professor, Head of the Research group on Russia, Asia and International Trade


Russia and Eurasia  The Nordic countries  Foreign policy  NATO  Security policy

Anni Roth Hjermann

Former employee