Arne Melchior

Senior Research Fellow

Arne Melchior’s research areas include international trade and global development; trade policy and international economic institutions; international inequality; geographical economics and regional development; Asia, India and China. Ph.D. (Dr. Polit., 1997) in economics from the University of Oslo, on international economic integration.

He has been head of the international economics group at NUPI for extended periods, and Assistant Director (3 years). Before research career: Experience from international trade negotiations as government official; including multilateral trade negotiations, and bilateral negotiations with several Asian countries. Experience from managing a large number of research projects.

  • Publication : Op-ed

    Hvem er gått ut på dato

    Will the EU-US trade agreement lead to losses rather than economic gains? The basis for such claims is weak.
  • Publication : Op-ed

    Uforståelig påstand

    While it is important to have an academic and political debate on the effects of an EU-US trade agreement (TTIP), it is too easy to write off the contributions you do not like as "outdated".
  • Publication : Report

    Global handel og medisinsk beredskap i lys av Covid-19

    The study analyzes world trade and value chains for medical goods before and during Covid-19, and on this basis discusses lessons learned for medical preparedness in Norway. Since Norway imports much of what we need, emergency preparedness is an international issue, while it has largely been treated...
  • News

    NUPI replaces NRK P2's 'Ekko' this week

    NUPI has produced ten hours of high quality radio about foreign policy and international relations. The programs will air on NRK P2 during week 50, Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 11.00. Tune in!
  • News

    NUPI replaces NRK P2's 'Ekko' this week

    NUPI has produced ten hours of high quality radio about foreign policy and international relations. The programs will air on NRK P2 during week 50, Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 11.00. Tune in!
  • Thu 26 Nov 2020

    Small states facing the EU: The case of Swiss-EU relations

    Time: 12:30 Location: Microsoft teams

    Will the Swiss-EU relation continue in harmony, or will the EU evoke the “guillotine” clause and terminate current agreements? NUPI invites you to join our seminar on the Swiss-EU relations.

  • Publication : Academic chapter/article/Conference paper

    Sjømatnæringen og Europa: EU-medlemskap, EØS eller NOREXIT?

    EEA is a comprehensive agreement with thousands of legal acts incorporated into Norwegian law and practice. The number of legal acts varies strongly across areas and in some fields, implementation is more important than new legislation. In 2020, Norway had 96 agreements with the EU, og which 46 can be...
  • Publication : Academic chapter/article/Conference paper

    Norges handelsforhandlinger med EU gjennom 50 år: Sakskoblinger og forhandlingsmakt

    The chapter provides an historical review of Norway’s trade negotiations with the EU from 1973 until today, with particular focus on results for the seafood sector. Around 1990, EFTA provided bargaining power in spite of industrial differences. The 1991 EEA negotiations had issue linkages across several...
  • Publication : Academic anthology

    Sjømatnæringen og Europa. EØS og alternativene

    The book examines the importance of the EEA for the seafood sector and the consequences if the EEA is replaced by EU membership or another type of trade agreement: NOREXIT. This is analysed in areas of particular importance for the seafood industry, such as tariffs, veterinary and border control; migrant...
  • Publication : Academic chapter/article/Conference paper

    Fra «fiskebrevet» til EØS: Betydningen av toll for norsk sjømateksport til EU

    An “archeology of tariffs” reveals how current tariffs for Norwegian seafood are based on trade agreements negotiated with the EU over 50 years. Furthermore, the economic impact of tariffs and tariff rate quotas under the EEA, EU membership and abolition of the EEA is quantified. The trade agreements...
  • Bildet viser det norske flagget og EU-flagget som smelter sammen, med en blå bokforside lagt oppå. News

    Book launch: EEA and the alternatives – what about NOREXIT?

    What are the alternatives to the EEA Agreement? What happens if Norway joins the EU, or if the EEA is terminated? A new book edited by Arne Melchior and Frode Nilssen looks into this.
  • Bildet viser en hånd som holder en smarttelfon. Smarttelefonens skjerm viser en glad vennegjeng. Research project

    Responsible Innovation and Happiness: A New Approach to the Effects of ICTs (HAPPY)

    2015 - 2020 (Ongoing)

    The project intends to contribute to the responsible innovation literature by carrying out a set of conceptual and empirical studies on the socio-economic effects of ICTs, considering positive impacts as well as potential risks.NUPI is responsible for work package 3; on Income-mediated effects: International...

  • Publication : Report

    Handelen med medisinske varer og Covid-19

    The Covid-19 pandemy has exposed vulnerability for pharmaceuticals and medical goods. Does globalisation create more or less vulnerability? - The majority of countries import all their drugs and only eighteen countries are net exporters. - Exports are dominated by Western Europa, with China and India...
  • News

    COVID-19 and the consequences for international relations

    Read our briefs and expert commentary on how Covid-19 affects developing countries and international affairs.
  • Research project

    Consequences for the seafood industry of termination of the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement

    2019 - 2020 (Ongoing)

    The main aim of the project is the publication of a book in Norwegian about the consequences for the seafood industry if the EEA agreement is terminated.

  • Publication : Report

    Can trade preferences stimulate sectoral development? The case of Namibian and Botswanan beef exports to Norway

    • While market access quotas have generated high levels of rents for traders and exporters in Namibia, Botswana, Norway, and offshore entities in the UK, their developmental benefits are diffuse, unclear, and difficult to unpack; • The consolidation of trade between small supply (Namibia, Botswana)...
  • Publication : Academic article

    Russia in world trade: Between globalism and regionalism

    The article examines Russia’s participation in world trade and trade policy, using trade data for 1996–2017 and simulations of a numerical world trade model where Russia is divided into domestic regions. Since the mid-1990s, Russia’s foreign trade has grown much faster than the world average. This was...
  • Publication : Policy Brief

    State-owned Enterprises and the Trade Wars

    Do state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and state capitalism create unfair competition in international markets? Empirical evidence surveyed in this brief suggests that from the turn of the century, state-owned enterprises (SOEs) indeed started competing increasingly with private firms, trading across borders...
  • Research project

    Global trade policy at the crossroads (UD trade policy seminars)

    2018 - 2019 (Completed)

    In this project, NUPI will contribute to address the need for knowledge on the feed on the new global trade situation.