Foto: Kyrre Lien/NTB Scanpix
Research Project

Defending and renewing multilateralism: Estonia and Norway in the UN Security Council

2020 - 2021 (Ongoing)

This project will explore possibilities to enhance Estonian-Norwegian bilateral cooperation in promoting multilateral cooperation and a rules-based global order in the framework of the United Nations Security Council

Estonia is a non-permanent member in 2020-2021, and Norway from 2021-2022. In this project, bilateral cooperation will be analyzed in the context of broader cooperation among Nordic-Baltic, European and other like-minded countries that share an interest to defend and reform the existing multilateral system and international law.

Examples of relevant themes to explore would include climate change, security challenges, cyber security, great power rivalry and global pandemics. The project will include public seminars and invited roundtables/workshops in both Oslo and Tallinn, aimed at (i) discussing and comparing the experiences and activities of Estonia and Norway in the UN and UNSC, and (ii) identifying shared interests and making policy-oriented proposals to foreign policy-makers.

The results will be published in a policy paper and disseminated at a final conference in Tallinn. In addition, the main findings will be published in the form of an op-ed/analysis of a major national media outlet in both countries.

Funding program

The project is funded by Bilateral Grants Estonia