Now we will have exciting new research about Chinese diplomacy, Russia's engagements in the Middle East, a changing Ethiopia, new forms of ocean management and surveillance, and crisis response in international organisations. Congratulations to all our brilliant colleagues who won bids in this round! And also our deep gratitude to all those who wrote excellent applications but who were not prioritized in this round. 

The following projects were funded by the RCN this year:

  • ANGER – Chinese Anger Diplomacy (PI Henrik Stålhane Hiim)
  • DEVINT – Public-Private Development Interfaces in Ethiopia (PI Jon Harald Sande Lie)
  • RUSMENA – Russian Repretoires of Power in the MENA region (PI Jakub Godzimirski)
  • N-SAFE – NGOs Securing Fisheries Environments: Understanding NGO-State Fisheries Protection Programs (PI Patrick Cullen)
  • ADHOCISM - Ad hoc crisis response and international organisations (PI John Karlsrud)

In addition, the UiT project Memory politics of the North, 1993-2023. An interplay perspective was awarded funding, with several participants from NUPI.