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NUPI Centre for European Studies (NCE)

Researh Centre

The NUPI Centre for European Studies (NCE) aims to be a source of policy-relevant research and expertise on the EU and European issues.

NUPI collaborates with several European research communities, both nationally and internationally.

NUPI is a member of the Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA)

The Centre for European Studies (NCE) also has its own seminar series, which is now an integrated part of the project Norway and the EU towards 2030.  

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NUPI PODCAST: The world stage

April 1, 2022

What is happening in the world right now? In this podcast produced by the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) we'll take a closer look at events taking place around the globe. Here you will find conversations, seminars and lectures on different international topics. We hope you1


Project : Research project

Preventing Violent Extremism in the Balkans and the MENA: Strengthening Resilience in Enabling Environments

The overarching objective of PREVEX is to put forward more fine-tuned and effective approaches to preventing violent extremism.
Project : Research Project
The image shows EU flags in Brussels

Balancing between integration and autonomy. Understanding the drivers and mechanisms of EU's foreign, security and defense policy

The project will investigate the ongoing process towards differentiated integration in European foreign, security and defence policy.
Project : Research project

EU Integration and Differentiation for Effectiveness and Accountability

EUIDEA is a H2020 project, which aims to break new ground on differentiated integration in terms of conceptual approach, policies and networks.
Project : Seminar series

Norway meets Europe

Europe is constantly changing. Norway has close links to the EU and Europe, and economic and political transitions on the continent will have considerable consequences for the country. Photo: NTB Scanpix.
Project : Research Project

Europe in transition – Small states and Europe in an age of global shifts

What is the significance of the EU for small states in Europe today?
Project : Research Project

Community-based policing and post-conflict police reform

This research project will create greater knowledge of social, cultural, legal and ethical dimensions of community-based policing in post-conflict societies.
  • Ingvild Magnæs Gjelsvik
  • Maria Gilen Røysamb
Project : Research Project

Good intentions, mixed results – A conflict sensitive unpacking of the EU comprehensive approach to conflict and crisis mechanisms

The EUNPACK project unpacks EU crisis response mechanisms, with the aim to increase their conflict sensitivity and efficiency.