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China and the Nordics Seminar Series

2015 - 2017 (Completed)
What roles can the Nordic countries play in China’s emerging European engagement?

China is becoming an increasingly important international actor on a global scale, and has begun to expand its cross-regional relations in several parts of the world, including in Europe, in a variety of ways.

This has led to the question of what roles the Nordic countries can play in China’s emerging European engagement.

The China-Nordic Seminar series looks into the opportunities and challenges stemming from Beijing’s growing European interactions, including on the bilateral, sub-regional and regional levels.

The speakers' series covers issues which are of particular importance to Nordic and Northern European countries by taking a closer look at how Beijing's expanding international interests affect their European interests, and how the Nordics can best develop new ties and improved policy relations with China.

The seminar series are organized under NEAR.

Events organized as part of the seminar series:

EU-China new Strategic Partnership

Evolving Sino-Russian Relations

The relationship between the Nordic countries and China: What can we learn from our neighbors?

Maritime Security in East Asia: Summer of Our Discontent?:

China's Belt Road Initiative and the new Eurasian Order:

China's Future:

The West – and the Rest in Multilateral Development Finance: New Actors, Changes and Challenges:


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