Minda Holm

Research Fellow

Minda Holm is a research fellow with the Research Group on Global order and Diplomacy. She also has a position at the Danish Institute of International Studies (DIIS), and is doing a PhD at the University of Copenhagen.

Minda Holm does research on questions related to global order, international ideology, security politics and sovereignty. She is particularly interested in social and political theory connected to these topics, as well as political realism, state power, liberalism and conservatism in international affairs, both historically and present. She has done research and published on Norwegian, Russian and US foreign- and security policy, with a focus on the idea of liberal international politics and counter-reactions to liberal foreign policy. In addition, Holm has published more theoretical work on conceptual history, sovereignty and global order in Review of International Studies and International Studies Review

At NUPI she leads a 3-year research project funded by the Ministry of Defence that looks at the international visions of the national right in Russia, Europe and the US.  As of 2018 Holm is also a Ph.D. fellow in Political Science at the University of Copenhagen (supervisor Ole Wæver), connected to an international research project on “The World of the Right” (with V.S. Tjalve, DIIS; JF Drolet, Queen Mary; and M.C. Williams, University of Ottawa). In addition to NUPI and the University of Copenhagen she is associated with the Danish Institute of International Studies (DIIS) and their research group on International Security. At NUPI she is also part of the research project titled  A Conceptual History of International Relations (CHOIR).

Holm is a co-editor of the peer-reviewed Scandinavian IR journal Internasjonal Politikk, an Associate Editor (as of August 2020) of New Perspectives, and a monthly foreign affairs columnist for Klassekampen (formerly for Dagsavisen). Please see her personal webpage for more information.