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Domestic revenue mobilisation (DRM) is crucial for a government’s ability to make investments that foster social and economic development and is an integral part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Taxation also plays a crucial role in state building by providing the resources needed to fund core state activities as well as constituting the foundation of a social contract between citizens and the state.

How to improve taxation and prevent illicit capital flows are questions of great importance as the answers can shape the policies needed to spur sustainable growth. If this is to happen, knowledge sharing, discussions, and interactions between different types of stakeholders are needed.

The purpose of the TaxCapDev network is to facilitate such interaction by bringing together researchers, policymakers and civil society working on issues related to taxation and capital flows in developing countries, with a particular focus on Sub-Saharan Africa.

Through the organisation of seminars, pod-casts and publishing condensed and accessible research briefs and blog posts, the network aims to facilitate discussions and exchange of experiences, with the goal of creating and sharing knowledge to strengthen DRM in developing countries and contribute to the shaping of new international research agendas.

Coordinating institutions and leadership

Recent publications

Ali, M., Fjeldstad, O.-H., Jiang, B. and Shifa, A. (2020). European Colonization and the Corruption of Local Elites: The Case of Chiefs in AfricaJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization 179: 80-100. 

Fjeldstad & Therkildsen (2020) Implications of the Covid-19 pandemic for revenue generation in poor African countries. DIIS Working Paper - Implications of the Covid-19 pandemic - Pdf

The pandemic talks

The pandemic talks are the TaxCapDev-network's film series about the financial and tax consequences of COVID-19. Her you meet researchers from Norway and Africa.

Episode 1: Kenya

Episode 2: Nigeria

Episode 3: Senegal

The Norwegian magazine Bistandsaktuelt, covering aid and international development, wrote about The pandemic talks in january 2021: Read the Norwegian article here.

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Research assistant for the SkattJakt/TaxCapDev network is Viljar Haavik.