Niels Nagelhus Schia

Senior Research Fellow, Head of NUPI's Centre for Cyber Security Studies

Niels Nagelhus Schia is a senior research fellow and manager for NUPI's Center for Cyber Security Studies. He is a former fellow of the NSSR (New School for Social Research) and holds a PhD degree in social anthropology from the University of Oslo.

With a focus on the role of cybersecurity and cybersecurity governance in international relations Schia tracks new developments in policy and research, and provide academic studies, expert analysis and strategic policy recommendations. His research focus combines anthropology and international relations theory with theories of cyber security.  His current projects are concerned with norms and state behavior in cyber space, development assistance and capacity building, societal vulnerabilities, sovereignty and cyberspace, global governance and cyberspace. In the research project GAIA (funded by the Research Council of Norway's IKTPLUSS initiative) Schia explores links between digital value chains, national autonomy and international politics. This is a four-year cooperation between SimulaMet, NUPI and several other institutions and universities. Read his most recent article The Cyber Frontier and Digital Pitfalls in the Global South published in Third World Quarterly (2018).
Schia has worked on numerous topics within international organizations, global governance, peacebuilding and statebuilding over the previous years. He has acted as an adviser to governments and international organizations on issues pertaining to capacity building, institution building and global governance. He has participated in international discussions and working groups in the United Nations and regularly participates at international conferences. He has long experience with developing and finalizing research projects financed by governments and research councils. A cross cutting concern in these research projects has been the exploration of global connections to more localized and national contexts. This is also a concern in his book Franchised States and the Bureaucracy of Peace (Palgrave Macmillian, 2018) and in his chapter Horseshoe and Catwalk: Power, Complexity and Consensus-Making in the United Nations Security Council in the book Palaces of Hope: The Anthropology of Global Organizations (Cambridge University Press, 2017).
Schia has published in scientific journals such as Third World Quarterly, European Journal of International Relations, International Peacekeeping, Journal of International Relations and Development, and Political and Legal Anthropology.
His current research focuses on cyber security, cyber capacity building in developing countries and emerging economies, internet governance and collaboration between states and non-state actors.

He is a former Fulbright Scholar and from January 2017 he is a co-editor of the leading Scandinavian-language International Relations-journal Internasjonal Politikk.

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  • Publication : Popular scientific article

    Digitale trusler blir kinkig for Norge i Sikkerhetsrådet

    (Op-ed in Norwegian): De fleste land rangerer trusler via det digitale rom som en av de største utfordringene for det 21. århundret. På tross av dette har tematikken knapt vært nevnt i FNs sikkerhetsråd. Hva kommer det av? Og kan Norge gjøre noe med det? spør Niels Nagelhus Schia og Erik Kursetgjerde...
  • Publication : Chapter

    Managing a digital revolution: cyber security capacity building in Myanmar

    Digitalization is exposing developing countries to a growing number of risks as well as opportunities associated with connecting to the Internet. Myanmar stands out as a critical case of both the pitfalls and the benefits Internet connection can bring. Amidst a political transition from military rule...
  • News

    NUPI replaces NRK P2's 'Ekko' this week

    NUPI has produced ten hours of high quality radio about foreign policy and international relations. The programs will air on NRK P2 during week 50, Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 11.00. Tune in!
  • Publication : Academic article

    Hacking democracy: managing influence campaigns and disinformation in the digital age

    How are states responding to the threat of using digital technologies to subvert democratic processes? Protecting political and democratic processes from interference via digital technologies is a new and complicated security threat. In recent years the issue has been most prominent in terms of election...
  • Thu 5 Nov 2020

    Defending and renewing multilateralism: Estonia and Norway in the UN Security Council

    Time: 10:00 Location: Webinar

    What possibilities exist for Estonian-Norwegian bilateral cooperation in the United Nations Security Council?

  • Research project

    Defending and renewing multilateralism: Estonia and Norway in the UN Security Council

    2020 - 2021 (Ongoing)

    This project will explore possibilities to enhance Estonian-Norwegian bilateral cooperation in promoting multilateral cooperation and a rules-based global order in the framework of the United Nations Security Council

  • Publication : Interview

    Aftenposten Forklart - Hva skal Norge bruke plassen i FNs Sikkerhetsråd til?

    After 13 years of election campaign and NOK 29 million, Norway joins the UN Security Council. What should Norway use that seat for, is this important for Norway, and can we have influence in the Security Council as an elected member without the veto power? NUPI’s senior research fellow Niels Nagelhus...
  • Publication : Interview

    Dagsnytt 18 - Norge inn i Sikkerhetsrådet

    Norge sikret seg en plass i FNs Sikkerhetsråd i perioden 2021-2022. NUPI forsker Niels Nagelhus Schia, Utenriksminister Ine Marie Eriksen Søreide og Janne Haaland Matlary møttes i Dagsnytt 18 for å snakke om valget, hvorfor denne plassen er interessant for Norge, hvilke dilemmaer Norge vil møte vis-a-vis...
  • Publication : Interview

    Norge holder pusten foran FN-avgjørelse

    Norge ruster seg til den aller siste innspurten i kampen om et sete i FNs sikkerhetsråd. Å tape blir et antiklimaks, fastslår forsker.
  • Publication : Interview

    Politisk Kvarter - Norge vil inn i FNs Sikkerhetsråd, men hvorfor?

    (Interview in Norwegian): NUPI-forsker Niels Nagelhus Schia og Utenriksminister Ine Marie Eriksen Søreide om det norske kandidaturet til FNs Sikkerhetsråd, hvorfor er dette interessant for Norge? Hvilke dilemmaer vil Norge møte i forhold til stormaktene? Hvilke land konkurrerer Norge med?
  • Publication : Interview

    Kjemper om en plass i FNs Sikkerhetsråd

    Wednesday 17 June 2020 we will know if Norway gets one of the two available seats that we are fighting for in the UN Security Council. What does this involve and why should Norway sit around the horseshoe table? Senior researcher Niels Nagelhus Schia was interviewed about this on NRK News.
  • Publication : Academic chapter/article/Conference paper

    The role of the UN Security Council in cybersecurity: international peace and security in the digital age

    At the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, the UN Security Council is faced with difficult questions about its efficacy, relevance and legitimacy. The leading powers and the permanent members (P5) of the Security Council – China, France, Russia, the UK and the USA – are drawn into a heavy contest...
  • Fri 1 Nov 2019

    Theory Seminar: Cyber Conflict in the study of International Relations

    Time: 11:00 Location: NUPI

    Max Smeets will take a closer look at the academic literature on analysing cyber conflict.

  • Publication : LEDER


    (In Norwegian only) Den teknologiske utviklingen og framveksten av digitale nettverk har ført til noen av de mest dramatiske endringene vi har sett på flere generasjoner. Dette gjelder både endringer i sosial samhandling, men også endringer i den mer generelle samfunnsmessige utviklingen. Disse framskrittene...
  • Publication : LEDER

    Neumann, NUPI og utenriksdebatten

    (In Norwegian only) Iver B. Neumann begynte på NUPI i 1988. Etter tre tiår som NUPI-forsker (riktignok med en periode som Montague Burton-Professor i International Relations på LSE i London) meldte han i 2018 overgang til OsloMet. Med NUPI som plattform har Neumann satt et solid fotavtrykk i norsk offentlighet,...
  • Publication : Rapport/avhandling

    Critical communication infrastructures and Huawei

    Recently, there have been growing cyber-safety concerns over telecom equipment made by the Chinese vendor Huawei. This has led many countries to ban Huawei from supplying equipment for building the next generation of mobile networks, 5G. Responses from mobile operators and the telecom community in general...
  • Publication : NUPI Report

    The Politics of Stability: Cement and Change in Cyber Affairs

    In November 2018, the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, inaugurated one year earlier ‘to develop proposals for norms and policies to enhance international security and stability and guide responsible state and non-state behavior in cyberspace’, launched six norms pointing ‘the way to...
  • Publication : NUPI Policy Brief

    Forebygging av krig og konflikt i cyberdomenet

    (Available in Norwegian only): Cyberdomenet representerer kanskje en av vår tids største trusler mot internasjonal fred og sikkerhet men er viet lite oppmerksomhet hva gjelder forebyg- ging av krig og konflikt. Det er behov for internasjon- ale forpliktende kjøreregler som hever blikket over IKT-forvaltning,...
  • Research project

    Digital sovereignty and autonomy (GAIA)

    2019 - 2022 (Ongoing)

    NUPI in collaboration with Simula Research Lab will map global data flows and their impact on national autonomy and sovereignty.