• Security and liberty in cyberspace. Countermeasures and dilemmas in securing a global free cyberspace
    man. 24 nov. 2014
    Time: 12:30 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    Security and liberty in cyberspace is the topic for this seminar with Myriam Dunn Cavelty from Center for Security Studies (CSS) .

  • Theory Seminar: Theorizing cybersecurity
    man. 24 nov. 2014
    Time: 09:30 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    Cyber security is the topic of this theory seminar with Myriam Dunn Cavelty, lecturer and senior research fellow at Center for Security Studies (CSS).

  • Ukraine, Russia and the West: Challenges and options
    tor. 28 aug. 2014
    Time: 15:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    In this seminar, Daniela Schwarzer from the German Marshall Fund of the United States will speak about challenges and options for the EU and the US relating to Ukraine, Russia and the West.

  • NUPI’s annual Russia conference 2014: “Russia and global (dis)order”
    tor. 4 des. 2014
    Time: 09:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: Litteraturhuset

    2014 has been characterized by international conflict, in Ukraine and elsewhere and dramatically increased tensions between the West and Russia. Why has the relationship between Russia and the West gone so sour? How does this development manifest itself in wider international relations? How does Ru1

  • Islamic challenges and Russian responses
    fre. 15 aug. 2014
    Time: 10:30 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    In this seminar, several experts will provide an update to what is going on in the North Caucasus region and with Islam in Russia.

  • Policing, Lawfare and Resistance at Mexico City’s New Urban Frontier
    tir. 26 aug. 2014
    Time: 14:15 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    In this theory seminar, Markus-Michael Müller will present a paper analysing neoliberal urban renewal processes in Mexico City's historic downtown, the related legal and policing strategies as well as resulting patterns of citizen-police relations.

  • Asian Development Bank Energy Policy
    man. 16 jun. 2014
    Time: 15:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    In this seminar, Dr Naomi Chakwin from the European Representative Office of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) will make a presentation about ADB energy policy in the evolving environment.

  • The future of the European gas market
    tor. 19 jun. 2014
    Time: 14:30 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    In this seminar, Kirsten Westphal from SWP will give a lecture on the current European and German debate on the future of the European gas market, with focus on the role of Russia and unconventional gas.

  • Maritime Security in East Asia
    tor. 5 jun. 2014
    Time: 14:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    Maritime Security in East Asia is not only a regional challenge. International trade between Asia and other parts of the world depends on uninterrupted access to maritime shipping routes in East Asia. In this seminar Professor Geoff Till and Dr. Sam Bateman will adress these issues.

  • UNRWA and the Palestinian refugee camps
    tir. 27 mai 2014
    Time: 11:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    Through a focus on UNRWA and the refugee camps, the presentations in this seminar will explore some of the dilemmas that arise when temporary humanitarian assistance persists over several decades, in the context of a precarious political situation.