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Publication : Policy Brief
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USAs demokratiske krise og dets utenrikspolitiske konsekvenser

  • Hilde Restad
Under og etter andre verdenskrig konstruerte USA en internasjonal orden som USA selv skulle lede. Denne til dels liberale verdensordenen (avhengig av ...
Publication : Policy Brief
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Public resistance in Russia: Mobilizational opportunities and the effect of protest on public attitudes

Ever since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 the level of resistance against the Putin regime and the general protest potential ...
Publication : Popular scientific article
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Asia-Arctic Diplomacy a Decade Later: What has changed?

Ten years ago, five Asian states – China, India, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea – joined the Arctic Council as observers. This article discusses how ...
Publication : CSIS Brief
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Solving Europe’s Defense Dilemma: Overcoming the Challenges to European Defense Cooperation

  • Sean Monaghan
Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine has led to a transformational moment for European defense. However, Europe has a dilemma: it is spending more on ...
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Ad-hoc initiatives are shaking up African security

The growing threat of violent extremist groups and how these groups operate across borders has stimulated the emergence of a new type of security arrangement ...
Publication : Akademisk artikkel
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Russian nuclear energy diplomacy and its implications for energy security in the context of the war in Ukraine

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, the possibility of reducing Europe’s energy dependence on Russian resources has been hotly debated. The ...
Publication : Akademisk artikkel
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Disposable rebels: US military assistance to insurgents in the Syrian war

During the Syrian War, the US and other Western countries trained, equipped and paid Syrian rebels to fight the government and, later, root out the Islamic ...
Publication : HHD artikkel
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Iran – revolusjon igjen?

Ei ung kvinnes død etter å ha blitt arrestert av moralpolitiet utløyste dei sterkaste protestane i Iran sidan revolusjonen i 1979. Den islamske republikken ...
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'The generation that will inherit Syria’: education as citizen aid and political opportunity

Grassroots initiatives to provide education were an integral part of efforts to stem the humanitarian disaster unleashed by the armed conflict in Syria. ...
Publication : Fagbok

Journalism in the Grey Zone: Pluralism and Media Capture in Lebanon and Tunisia

Lebanon and Tunisia are two of the freest countries in the Middle East and North Africa, but elites in both countries seek to manipulate media organisations ...
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Assessing the Effectiveness of the Multinational Joint Task Force

The overall assessment is that the MNJTF is, to a degree, effectively attaining its mandate priorities. As a result of the efforts of the MNJTF there ...