Policy brief comparing the EU and other stakeholders’ prevention strategy towards violent extremism in the Balkans and the broader MENA region

Policy brief
Terrorisme og ekstremisme  EU  Styring
Written by

Gilad Ben-Nun

Ulf Engel


Ian McDonald


This policy brief offers a cross-regional comparison of PREVEX findings regarding the efficacity of the EU’s PVE efforts. Based upon an amalgamation of PREVEX partners’ policy briefs over the Balkans (D5.1), the Maghreb/Sahel (D6.1) and the Middle East (D7.1), two reports on respectively EU’s policies and instruments for PVE (D4.1) and the implementation of these (D4.2), further corroborated by an extensive validation background study (D8), we have the following recommendations to the EU:

EU – ‘DOs’
-Increase cooperation with High Muslim Councils
-Enhance their standing
-Empower them to act against IVE

EU – ‘DON’Ts’ – A, B, C
-Avoid the all-out securitization of everything ‘Islamic’.
-Block imported Islamic ‘Madhhab’ (Wahabism) from entering European spheres
-Consult ‘elders’ and rethink funding youth projects that lack proven PVEimpact

  • Published year: 2021
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  • Publisher: PREVEX
  • Language: Engelsk