We Saw it Coming: Jihadist Terrorism, Challenges for the European Union

NUPI Policy Brief
Terrorisme og ekstremisme  EU
Written by

Francesco Strazzari

Tidligere ansatt

Eva Magdalena Stambøl

Tidligere ansatt


Nothing about the recent Paris or Copenhagen terrorist attacks was totally unexpected. Indeed, they were the sort of thing that security apparatuses in Europe had been preparing to have to deal with. Although security responses to terrorism are traditionally considered a quintessential national sovereignty prerogative, in the past ten to fifteen years the recognition that highly asymmetric security threats respect no borders has heightened the EU’s role as a coordinator in this policy domain. Some claim that counter-terrorism has changed the role and functioning of the EU itself towards a more operational character in security matters. Both old and new security responses to terrorism have (re-)emerged on the agenda of the EU and its member states in the ‘post-Paris attacks’ phase.

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