The G5 Sahel Joint Force (G5S-JF) was created to address the security vacuum and respond to transnational terrorism and organised crime, particularly among the five-member states (Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger). With the support of external actors, the G5S-JF has relatively enhanced its operational readiness and capabilities through mentoring, training, and funding joint operations. However, with the announcement of Barkhane exiting Mali and transferring to Niger, the exit may signify a vital shift in western military operations in Mali and the Sahel over the coming months. Questions remain on the impact of these external withdrawals, as well as Mali´s withdrawal from the G5S-JF, on the operational effectiveness of the joint force and insecurity in the region.

In this webinar, the discussion will centre on the findings of the report, Shifting from External Dependency: Remodelling the G5 Sahel Joint Force for the Future where panellists will explore the four possible options that could plug into the existing gaps created by the current security vacuum following the withdrawal of some of the external military actors from Mali; and Mali itself from the G5S-JF. The audience will be invited to take part in a Q&A session afterwards.




Opening remarks

Cedric de Coning, Research Professor at NUPI


Dr Linda Darkwa, Training for Peace Programme Secretariat



Dr Fiifi Edu-Afful, Senior Research Fellow and Deputy Program Head of the Peace Support Operations Programme at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC)


Delina Goxho, Associate Fellow at Royal Institute for International Relations


Vianney Bisimwa

Regional Director for Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC)´s Sahel progamme.


Discussion and questions from the audience


Concluding Remarks

Rigmor Elianne Koti, Special Representative for the Sahel, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


The report Shifting from External Dependency: Remodelling the G5 Sahel Joint Force for the Future can be accessed through this link.  

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