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Understanding Xi Jinping’s China


Over a year into Xi Jinping’s historic third five-year term as President, China continues to make headlines worldwide. Many of these headlines now suggest not only that China’s rise is slowing down but that it is only increasing in controversial terms vis-a-vis the West. 

How are we to make sense of Xi’s China today? And how should we consider history´s role in this understanding, particularly in the context of the great power competition between China and the US? What are the problems with comparing today’s geopolitical landscape with the Cold War? And how should Norway navigate relations with China in light of the close China-Russia partnership? 

To explore these questions, NUPI Senior Research Fellow and Head of NUPI’s Centre for Asian Research Wrenn Yennie Lindgren sits down with Professor Odd Arne Westad of Yale University and Professor Iver B. Neumann who is Director Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI). 

This episode of The World Stage is a part of the Geopolitics Center, led by NUPI. 


Iver B. Neumann
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Odd Arne Westad
Department of History, Yale University