Central Asian Climate Policy Pledges Under the Paris Agreement: Can They Be Fulfilled?

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Asia  Klima  Utviklingspolitikk  Energi
Written by

Indra Øverland

Forsker I, Leder for Forskningsgruppen for klima og energi


Rahat Sabyrbekov

Post-Doc Researcher, EUCAM Head of Center for NUPI OSCE Academy


The Central Asian region has been and will continue to be significantly impacted by climate change and all the region’s countries have pledged nation- ally determined contributions (NDCs) under the Paris agreement. This chapter aims to assess how likely Central Asian countries are to fulfil these pledges. To answer this question, we compare the NDCs to their respective national development programmes and historical trends. The results show that the countries of Central Asia vary in their ability to fulfil their pledges and that doing so will require structural changes to their energy systems, substantial investments in infrastructure and, most importantly, the alignment of their development plans with their declared climate goals. None of the countries have thus far engaged in structural reforms aimed at large-scale climate change adaptation and mitigation.