Hacking democracy: managing influence campaigns and disinformation in the digital age

Academic article
Sikkerhetspolitikk  Cyber
Written by

Niels Nagelhus Schia

Seniorforsker, leder for Forskningsgruppen for sikkerhet og forsvar og leder for NUPIs senter for forskning på ny teknologi



How are states responding to the threat of using digital technologies to subvert democratic processes? Protecting political and democratic processes from interference via digital technologies is a new and complicated security threat. In recent years the issue has been most prominent in terms of election security, yet the widespread usage of digital technologies allows for the subversion of democratic processes in multifaceted ways. From disrupting the political discourse with false information to inflaming and stoking political divisions digital technologies allows for a variety of ways for malicious actors to target democracies. This article compares different state experiences with interference in sovereign and contested political decisions. More specifically the article compares the Norwegian approach and experience in managing these challenges with those of Finland and the UK. Mapping both how the problem is understood, and the role of previous experiences in shaping public policy.