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Peace Enforcement in Africa: Doctrinal distinctions between the African Union and United Nations


When the United Nations (UN) Security Council needs to authorize a peace enforcement operation in Africa, its partner of choice is the African Union (AU). Africa has developed significant peace operations capacity over the past decade. In addition to deploying eight AU operations, Africa now contributes 50% of all UN peacekeepers. African stability operations, like its mission in Somalia, are often described as peace enforcement operations. In this article, the author questions whether it is accurate to categorize African stability operations as peace enforcement?

This article answers the question by considering what the criteria are that are used to differentiate between peace enforcement and peacekeeping operations in the UN context. The author then uses the peace enforcement criteria to assess whether AU stabilization operations would qualify as peace enforcement operations. In conclusion, he considers the implications of the findings for the strategic partnership between the AU and the UN.
  • Published year: 2017
  • DOI: 10.1080/13523260.2017.1283108
  • Language: Engelsk
  • Pages: 145 - 160
  • Volume: 38
  • Booklet: 1
  • Journal: Contemporary Security Policy


  • Afrika
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  • Konflikt
  • Internasjonale organisasjoner
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