Russia, the EU and Ukraine: two tracks and no end?

For years the European Union did not have a proper policy vis-à-vis Russia – apart from the "policy of modernization", that was devised fairly late, coinciding with the Russia-Georgia war. Too many actors and too many programs did bring about a strategy. Now that the Kremlin is fostering a hybrid war in Ukraine, the German government has taken over the leadership, embraced by most German and European actors and pursues a two-track policy of sanctions and engagement. Is this policy sustainable and can it be successful?

Anne-Marie le Gloannec is a senior research fellow at CERI, SciencesPo, Paris and currently a fellow with the Nobel Institute. She just completed a book on the European Union as regional power: Continent by Default. The European Union, the Continental Order and the Return of Power Politics and working on an edited book on the EU, the US and security challenges.

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