Between self-interest and solidarity: Norway’s return to UN Peacekeeping?


Norway has been a firm supporter of, and contributor to, UN peacekeeping operations.

However, while increasing its financial support since the end of the Cold War, Norway has significantly downscaled its troop contributions to the UN, focusing on NATO operations. Rather than interpreting this as lessened interest in the UN, we point out that support and commitment cannot be measured solely in numbers of troops deployed. Norway’s commitment to UN peacekeeping should be understood as part of its strategic culture, here read as a synthesis between self-interest and solidarity, and between the UN and NATO.

This article details the institutional, political and material challenges and opportunities for renewed engagement in UN peacekeeping.

  • Published year: 2016
  • DOI: 10.1080/13533312.2016.1235096
  • Language: Engelsk
  • Pages: 784 - 803
  • Volume: 23
  • Booklet: 5
  • Journal: International Peacekeeping