Per Botolf Maurseth

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  • Utenlandsinvesteringer i sjømatnæringen og norsk tilknytning til EU
    Publication : Academic chapter/article/Conference paper | 0
    • Hege Medin
    • Per Botolf Maurseth

    I kapittelet drøfter vi utenlandsinvesteringer i sjømatnæringen og Norges forhold til EU. Mens eierskap i fangst hovedsakelig er nasjonalt, er oppdre1

  • Internet use, intermediaries and international trade
    Publication : NUPI Working Paper | 2019
    • Per Botolf Maurseth
    • Hege Medin

    This study of the relationship between internet use and international trade finds that firms in many developing countries are more likely to engage i1

  • Globalization of intellectual property rights
    Publication : NUPI Working Paper | 2018
    • Per Botolf Maurseth

    Recent decades have witnessed a strong globalization process. This has been so for international trade and international capital markets, but also in1

  • ICT, growth and happiness
    Publication : NUPI Working Paper | 2017
    • Per Botolf Maurseth

    This paper reviews two strands of literature. The first is on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and growth. The increasing role of ICTs1

  • Market-specific Sunk Export Costs: The Impact of Learning and Spillovers
    Publication : ARTIKKEL | 2017
    • Per Botolf Maurseth
    • Hege Medin

    Firms may face sunk costs when entering an export market. Previous studies have focused on global or country-specific sunk export costs. This study a1

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